Molecular Marker Analysis

Overview of molecular marker analysis

Molecular markers

High-throughput genotyping of molecular markers(genes) related to agricultural traits such as size, color, and disease resistance using cutting-edge analysis system

Gene type, Expected characteristics
Gene type Expected characteristics
유전자형 Disease resistance
유전자형 Disease sensitivity

Analysis process

It is a gene signature related to characteristics of plants (for example: size, color, disease resistance and etc.) and makes it possible to predict characteristics of plants in a laboratory without a cultivation tests.

  • Sample submission
  • DNA extraction
  • Gene amplification
  • Genotyping

Contents of analyses and purposes

Contents of analyses and purposes
cultivar identification Distinction of varieties through a gene test
Genetic purity test Gene-based seed quality control
Molecular breeding Early screening of excellent lines by molecular marker analysis
Prediction of traits Early prediction of crop characteristics such as disease resistance and pungency
Reduction of breeding period through
high-throughput genotyping

High-efficiency SNP genotyping system


High-efficiency genotyping system flexibly processes diverse and complex gene analysis based on high-density plate

초고속 대량 SNP 분석 시스템


  • High-purity DNA extraction from plants and animals
  • Distinction of gene type of SNP and InDel through genotyping of each organism based on extracted DNA
  • Flexible analytical procedures due to modular design
  • Wide range in sample number : 20~250,000 data points/day
  • Applicable to various chemistries such as KASP™, TaqMan®, Invader®, and etc.

High-throughput automated sample preparation system


The entire process from sample grinding to DNA extraction is automatically performed using robotics technology

Composition module

대용량 자동화 샘플 전처리 시스템
Large-scale automation sample pre-treatment system
No. Medel Uses
1 Biomek NX liquid handler Reagent and sample dispensing
2 F7 robotic system An on-going analysis sample-moving robot
3 Genogrinder 2025 Grinding of samples including seeds
4 MultiDrop combi Reagent dispenser
5 BB dropper Dispensing of metal beads required to grind samples
6 ABgene ALPS 3000 Plate sealing
7 HIG centrifuge Plate centrifugation
8 Momentum software System integration operation & control software
9 Single position incubator High temperature treatment for sample dissolution
10 Xpeel Plate cover removal
11 Carousel, 200M,  Lndscp RA Maintenance and storage of plates under analyses


  • Fully automatic sample preparation system
  • Highly efficient sample preparation - 5,000 samples/6 hours
  • Cost-efficient DNA preparation through optimized protocol

High-throughput automated genotyping system

In-Line Liquid Handling System

In-Line Liquid Handling System

  • Massive high-speed dispensing of DNA and reagents
  • Model : Nexar®
  • Manufacturer : Douglas Scientific LLC / USA
High-Throughput Thermal Cycler

High-Throughput Thermal Cycler

  • High capacity PCR : 230,400 data points
  • Model : Soellex®
  • Manufacturer : Douglas Scientific LLC / USA
In-Line Scanning System

In-Line Scanning System

  • Massive/high-speed fluorescence analyzer
  • Model : Araya®
  • Manufacturer : Douglas Scientific LLC / USA


Large-scale/automation system consisted of Nexar, Soellex, and Araya that use a consecutive polymer strip array (Array Tape™)


  • Large-scale/high-speed analysis of molecular markers (230,000 data points/run)
  • Supports diverse SNP analysis methods
  • TaqMan, InvaderPLUS, GTXpress, SensiMix, Klear-Kall, KASP, Invader and etc.