Business Supporting

Enhancement of competence of the seed industry

Establishment of cooperative system for seed company

Step-by-step entry based on the results of the company's competency diagnosis

Level 1. Enhancement of competence
  • Providing the information of target market and breeding technology
  • Advising for the R&D planing
Level 2. Establishment of a business model
  • Identification of customer needs and market segments
  • Identification of differential advantage in each segment, and Development and selection of positioning concepts
Level 3. Consulting on tech financing
  • Excellent technology commercialization support projects
    (Korea Institute of Planning & Evaluation for Technology in Food, Agriculture,
    Forestry and Fisheries(IPET) sponsorship, IP evaluation by FACT and Nonghyup loans)
  • Development Bank and IP evaluation by FACT
  • Investor relation(IR) program(FACT sponsorship, investors involvement and Agrifood R&D funds)
  • Technology valuation support projects for Agrifood related IP investment reference